Year Established: 1980 Approx

Number of Members: 8-10

History of Area:

The town of Mountmellick first appeared as a settlement in the 15th Century. Situated on the Owenass (river of the falls). The Society of Friends settled here in 1657 led by William Edmondson, they built it into a town. This town was to grow to a population of 8,000 people. It could boast 27 industries which include, Breweries, Distillery, Woolen Mills & Cotton Mills, Tanneries, Glass, Foundries, Soap, Glue, Starch, Bit & Stirrup. It was also home to the first Sugar Beet Factory in Ireland. It became known as the Manchester of Ireland. The population today stands at 4,000 approx. Mountmellick is at present the Gateway to the Slieve Blooms.

Tidy Towns Information:

Our Committee ensures that all entrances to the town are well maintained. We work in co-operation with the Community Employment Scheme and Laois County Council maintaining amenity areas, grass maintenance in all locations, erecting and maintaining floral displays and litter control throughout the town. We also encourage the painting of all buildings which includes derelict buildings.

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Recent Awards or Achievements:

2nd in Inter Community Litter Challenge in 2013